Affordable Trip To The Heart Of Europe


Europe is an amazing place. There is so much to see and do. However many people feel the dream of exploring the heart of Europe is out of their reach because of the price. But this is a fallacy. With proper planning it’s easy to find affordable ways to visit many of Europe’s most historic and interesting places. Italy with its historic ruins, London with its houses of Parliament, the lights, food and shows in Paris or the beauty of the Spanish cities are all available to savvy travellers for a lot less than they might even imagine.

An important step in pulling off a really inexpensive trip to the heart of Europe is to find inexpensive air fare. The internet has made finding a great deal on air fare a lot easier. There are sites that dedicate all their time and their entire staff to finding the lowest rates to cities all over Europe. They can offer rates that are so low that you can take your whole family to see some of the great cities in the heart of Europe. You may have to leave early in the morning or late at night or have a layover, and get low airfare rates to anywhere in Europe.

Once you have secured airfare, the next thing you need is accommodation. Luckily there are great rates on hotels, hostels and apartments all over Europe. You can stay at small quaint, mom-and-pop inns or bed and breakfasts. Others prefer the experience of staying on a farm, renting a room in a villa, or even in a castle and enjoy the feeling of living like a local. There is even an option of staying at one of the many campgrounds throughout Europe for a song. Any of these accommodations will save you money and give you an authentic European experience you will never forget.

Looking for some of Europe’s hidden gems? Walk the cobblestone streets, visit the Roman ruins and see the medieval architecture in the Croatian port city of Zadar. While there explore the sun drenched islands and hidden coves at Kornati National Park and eschew the hotel and charter one of the two-masted wooden sailboats the locals call gulets. These sleep up to 16 people comfortably and add a bit more adventure to your European tour. You will have a European holiday to remember forever.


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