London – An Inexpensive Travel Destination for Art Lovers

Who wouldn’t want to spend a vacation visiting London? Being one of the major world capitals, London is not a very affordable place for a vacation, but the good news is that there are several things that can be done and seen in the city which do not require money at all.

One such great example is a visit to several of the museums in London. The majority of them will offer you free access, and you will definitely need several days to explore them all properly.

 The British Museum is free to explore. You will enter a world of antiquities, art and design, photography, crafts, Asian music, spirituality and much more. The British Museum is one of the very first such institutions in the world, the home of millions of objects that can be seen during the visit.

london travels for art lovers

In fact, the British Museum has several permanent exhibitions. Among them there is one dedicated to shedding light on the period of time between the mid 18th century and the early 19th century, as well as another one dedicated to Living and Dying, the perfect place to learn how people diagnosed and treated several diseases in the past.

The Science Museum in London is another interesting place that you can visit freely. Displaying lots of rare objects on its seven floors, the museum will enchant not only the artists, but also the science lovers. You will be able to admire the Apollo 10 command module, along with the various objects that have influenced the course of inventions and technological development.

A special attention is given to the development of the medical sciences, and the Medical History Gallery is the place where you will have the chance to admire a collection of ancient objects that were once used to treat and cure people, for example. The museum invites the tourists to all its exhibitions; some are dedicated to the web lab, others to climate changing stories, to the future of pain relief or to alchemy. No matter where you will stop, a visit to the Science Museum will not be easily forgotten.

If you are interested in the history of London, what better place to find all the necessary details than a visit to the London Museum? This museum will take you from London’s medieval times and bring you back to its present times. Several interiors have been rebuilt from scratch, so now you have the chance to walk on the ancient London roads and begin to understand how life looked like back in those times. A lot of the artifacts that were discovered during the museums archaeological digs are displayed in the museum, and they are very helpful to make all the visitors step back in time easily.

The National Gallery was founded back in 1824, when it displayed a number of 36 paintings. Nowadays it proudly presents its visitors about 2,000 works of art.  The gallery managers have collected objects that belong to virtually any of the European art schools. The newest wing of the gallery is the place dedicated to the earliest works: Giotto’s artworks can be seen there, for example.

A special area belongs to the Renaissance sections, and visitors can admire Corregio’s, Titian’s or Raphael’s works. The North wing harbors artworks signed by Dutch, Flemish, Italian and Spanish painters and artists. The East Wing contains some of the world well known paintings; Van Gogh and Monet are just two examples.

Several special events are organized inside the National Gallery. Make love, not war: Boticelli’s Venus and Mars or the Imaginary Worlds Family Festival represent just two galleries that are very appreciated by the tourists.  Many of these special events benefit from the assistance of a professional curator, who will help you understand and appreciate the masterpieces that you are about to see properly.

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